About James

I’m James Hamilton, a Londoner living in Edinburgh.

This website concentrates on history, film, photography, art and sound recording 1860-1940. Previous online projects include a current affairs weblog (now offline, 2004-2006), and the sport history and psychology website www.morethanmindgames.com (2006-2011). I have written for the Times, Signet Magazine, and the culture website The Dabbler, and have guested on programmes for BBC Radio Scotland and Sky One.

Elsewhere, I’m one year into a two year project to digitize the Scottish Poetry Library’s unique audiovisual collections and build Europe’s most comprehensive poetry Listening Centre at the Library’s Edinburgh headquarters. As a founder member of the Georgian House Education Committee, which will shortly become a registered charity, I help organize educational events for National Trust of Scotland volunteers, fundraise, write and give talks. I have built and run a website which enables housebound patients with brain tumours (and their families, friends and associates) to participate in campaigning for research and funds. I guide for the National Trust for Scotland most weekends. At present, I work part time in the law library of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty’s Signet (The Signet Library). I also run a small business building, hosting and maintaining websites and managing email and social media for charities, societies and individuals.

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