Cutting Costs at the Supermarket

Five Easy Ways to Cut Your Supermarket Bill This Week (Or Any Week)

Go vegetarian for a week. The meats in your trolley might just be the most expensive things in your weekly shop.

Check for special offers before you shop. Your favourite supermarket will almost certainly have a website. It will list special offers there. You can use this information to do some meal planning and save some money.

If you are looking to find offers on a particular item try Mad about Bargains. You can search all the main supermarkets by shop or by item on the site. The listings include health and beauty items and pet food. It might just be worth your while to change the place you shop for a week if they have the best bargain on something you particularly need. Checking ahead is particularly useful when you’re doing your holiday shopping but it can help you to save pounds throughout the year, too.

Locate and use your supermarket’s clearance section. What’s on offer there is what you use to make a meal. You might even find something new to try!

Check the price per size ratio on things you buy regularly. Supermarket competition means that ‘price matching’ may reduce a branded item’s price to that of less than the supermarket’s own brand.

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