Garreteer Kitchen: Making Your Own Gravy

Not that there’s anything wrong with Bisto, mind: but after a while, getting the lumps out, the excessive saltiness or unsaltedness (depending) of the stuff, the sheer sense of take-out about the whole exercise as your teaspoon circles again around the pyrex jug of brown gloop…

No. There is a better way, and it’s a whole lot more fun. Put your wine glass down and,

1. get the meat – whatever it is: chicken, beef, pork etc. – out of the roasting tin, along with excess fat, and anything like bay leaves, lemon etc. that might still be in there.

2. get some liquid – wine, stock, madeira, masala, sherry or water – and with the roasting tin on a low heat, pour in enough to cover the bottom and then some. Stir it as it boils, scraping bits from the bottom of the tin as you do. After a minute or thereabouts, season to taste.

That, if you want, can be your finished gravy. But you might like something thicker. That can be arranged. Choose your method:

1. Stir in some butter

2. Stir in a dessert spoon of cornflour

3. Stir in a dessert spoon of ordinary flour

– in other words, whatever thickener you have to hand. If you’re using flour, cook it long enough to get rid of the raw flour taste, then serve.

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